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Sonia créatrice du spiritueux français Tea Tropézien

Sonia, creator of the Tea Tropézien, French spirit by


Coming from a family of restaurateurs, I am passionate about gastronomy, wine, and the French savoir-faire. Since I was a little girl, I have been cooking, creating recipes and coming up with ideas.

The desire to create came to me simply, and then it was like an evidence.

Then, we had to work on the recipe, the idea and it was not easy. Reproducing alcoholic tea looks simple, but the reality is quite different.

Many months of work

Patience, methodology and perseverance were necessary ingredients. There have been many surprises, joys and disappointments, but passion and courage have allowed me to stay the course and find the gustatory balance, a recipe that is tasty in the mouth, pretty in color and that lasts over time.

How my Tea Tropezien spirit was born

I love tea and I’m not the only one! French spirits are fascinating because of their manufacturing traditions, but also because of the alchemy that can sometimes make everything change.

I said to myself: “Why not combine these two products? The art of tea with the art of French spirits. Why this mixture? Why a spirit?

Spirits require work, a requirement, a know-how, a distillation based on plants and aromas.

Tea is the same. A good tea requires a great requirement, choosing the right plants and flavour associations, a time of preparation.

Two noble products so different, but so similar at the same time, which require an irreproachable finesse and manufacturing.

The Tea Tropézien, a French spirit so good and tasty!

It is a surprising result in taste that will delight your taste buds and that I wanted to share, because the most beautiful moments are those. With family or friends, this drink will certainly be a pleasure to taste, but will also allow you to share precious moments.

To be drunk chilled with crushed ice or as a Tonic with a sparkling drink for those who wish to drink it carbonated.

The tasting with or without bubbles is quite surprising. In taste you will find several notes of fruits, all in delicacy.

Attentive to the health of everyone, less caloric and less alcoholic than another spirit (20° of alcohol against 40° most often).

As you can see, the Tea Tropézien is more than a simple cocktail!

The product is distilled in a vat and prepared with a know-how that only our Master Distillers know how to do.

Christopher LAMBERT, international star

Partner and ambassador of the Tea Tropézien

L'acteur Christophe LAMBERT et le Tea Tropézien

“With Sonia, we met through a common friend. I was seduced by her personality, her fighting and solar sides. These are things that speak to me.”

“I discovered a very good product, low in alcohol and natural.

 Sonia was able to create an exceptional drink by stabilizing the alcohol in the tea. It is a difficult process that she has succeeded wonderfully.

And then the Tropézien side is obviously more than seductive. Saint-Tropez is a magical village. It’s steeped in myth and mystery, it’s a place that attracts me.”

Source : interview Turquoise Magazine and Var Matin

Feuille dorée

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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.