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Tea-Tropezien-Cherry spiritueux-français
Tea-tropezien-Green spiritueux-français


Organic distilled tea and natural flavors of red fruits and cherries.


Distilled tea made from green tea with fresh mint.

Less caloric and less alcoholic than another spirit, the Tea Tropézien is at 20° of alcohol (against 40° most often).

The Tea Tropézien is a spirit above all, based on organic tea, plants and natural flavors, developed on the peninsula of Saint-Tropez and manufactured in France.

It can be enjoyed as an aperitif, plain or in cocktails, with or without bubbles (with champagne, tonic or Prosecco), cold or hot, as a digestif and is a perfect accompaniment to desserts.

It keeps perfectly and allows you to prepare simple and tasty cocktails quickly. It is a product with multiple possibilities.

To drink very cold with crushed ice


Or in a cocktail!


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